Mobile Website Design

Mobile sites grant a wonderful advantage and are useful for handling usability issues, mobile search rankings, social attainability, and link building. When structuring your mobile site, Rise Alpha SEO considers how mobile visitors are interacting with your current site and designs and develops the mobile site to be attractive and attainable to mobile users; all mobile and tablet platforms are accommodated. With a separate mobile site, Rise Alpha SEO will enable a special subdomain Google Analytics profile, allowing the tracking of mobile traffic and navigation to be even more accurate. With accuracy comes unlimited options of lead generation, mobile marketing, mobile-specific SEO, and ultimately, return-on-investment.

Design for Mobile

A mobile device has about one tenth as many pixels as a regular screen. And since form follows function, the mobile site needs its design. The design should be simpler. Here are a few ways that the design of the mobile site can be adapted:

• Use a one-column layout.
• Use fewer graphics, save screen space and load time.
• Use simpler navigation, so there is more room for larger buttons.

Mobile Features

Some features are a natural fit for smartphones. The following is a list of features that lend themselves well to mobile websites.

• Google maps
• Blogs
• Twitter feeds
• Photo galleries
• Video (keep in mind, video may load slowly on smartphones)

If you’re considering going mobile, web designs need to be adapted or built to use responsive web design. Rise Alpha SEO handles all designs and development work. Mobile web design has been part of our services since day one. We’d be happy to help you consider the limitations, adapt your designs, and capture the opportunity.